January Luncheon Educated Attendees about Personal Safety

Club Member Monica McPartland is a retired sex crimes detective supervisor for the Los Angeles Police Department.  Her area of expertise, then and now, is  Sexual Assault, Sex Offenders and Crimes against Children.  She has over 20 years of experience in investigations and interviewing. Currently, she is a Project ALERT/Team Adam  consultant  with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, (NECMEC), and a member of the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association.  She was recently certified in the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Personal Self Defense for Women and will begin teaching in January at Kaia Fit. If you are interested in learning to protect yourself, visit her website at www.staysafegirl.com or contact Monica at monica@staysafegirl.com

Monica educated attendees about personal safety and outlined the following concepts to keep in mind to keep yourself safe:


Stop Caring About Politeness! This is War. When was the last time you heard of an man getting attacked on a jogging trail, walking
to their car, or anywhere else? We are targets, just by our gender. Don’t be Scared, be Prepared.

Make Ready

• Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
• Have your phone on and your location activated
• Look at your clothing, your hair, be free of distractions, and ask yourself if you are a target, look for your vulnerabilities (earplugs, keys, phone in your hand.)
• Wear Pants/shorts with open pockets on the side (Lulelemon)
• Ask a friend to accompany you, BUT still do the above and tell your friend to do the same.

Arm yourself

• Have your mind right. (Gavin DeBecker: Your logic brain has boundaries and laws it wants to obey, your wild brain obeys nothing, conforms to nothing, answers to nobody and will do whatever it takes.)
• Be willing to hesitate even when it’s inconvenient, unpopular or downright rude.
• Choose your time and path wisely. Go when it is busy, well light, and free of cover, hiding places.
• Assess your surroundings and those around you and be Aware of your location. Police work off directions “I’m North of Marie Kerr Park.” I’m parked on the West side of Runners Lane.
• Carry SOMETHING. You don’t want to use your phone, your only line of communication, as a weapon. A frozen water bottle, a scalloped flashlight, a stun gun, pepper spray. Something!!
• Take your “Big Girl” voice and use some of the language your mother told you not to.
• Finally, Take your intuition and listen to that voice, that whisper that tells you to do something or to not do something.

Don’t engage someone (male or female)

• No one should be asking you the time or directions while you are out. You need to be wary. Like I tell children, and my own daughter, an adult doesn’t ask a kid for assistance. Neither should a man be asking a female for assistance, directions, to use their phone, anything.
• It could quite possibly be a ruse. Ignore them, keep them in your peripheral, change directions, and keep moving towards people, businesses, etc.
• Bad guys have female accomplices, same goes for them. Unless it is obvious this women needs help, ignore them. A woman in distress is going to be obvious, torn clothes, fearful looking, running, etc.

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